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Course offered for first time hunters

KITTS HILL — Those applying for a hunting license for the first time got to take part in an all-day course and take the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife test on Saturday.

Larry Pernestti, president of the South Hills Longbeards, of the National Wild Turkey Federation, offered the session at Mamre Baptist Church, where he walked a group of about 60 people through the department’s handbook, before administering the test.

“The more you practice, the more confidence you will have in your ability to shoot,” he told the group when going over the material.

He went over how to use a shotgun, focusing on a moving target while standing.

“You need to have a relaxed, balanced stance,” Pernestti said.

Bob Nelson, a wildlife officer with the DNR, assisted in the instruction.

“It’s a hunter education course for first time hunters,” he said. “We mainly get kids, but there are adults, too, who take the test with them.”

He said the course covers the entire handbook.

“We start at the beginning and work our way forward,” he said.

Nelson said the test is comprised of 100 questions and participants must score at least a 75 in order to get a license. Licenses are then renewed annually, each February.

He said in addition to going through the book, Pernestti demonstrated things such as the proper way to cross a fence and how to wear a fall arrest system harness with tree stands.

Nelson said the courses are offered in all counties throughout Ohio.