Open to the public

Published 8:56 am Thursday, March 15, 2018

This week is Sunshine Week, which celebrates the public’s access to information about government affairs.

In addition to the work of journalists in getting information to the public, people can find out what their elected officials are doing when leaders make transparency a priority in their time in office.

At last week’s meeting of South Point’s village council, members voted to begin the process of video recording the monthly meetings of the governing body.

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Council member Chris Smith has spent time exploring various options in which this could be done, as well as venues to host the video, as well the possibility of livestreaming the sessions.

The council decided to go with a proposal from Bullseye Media, who agreed to provide video recording equipment. The actual task of filming will be done by students at the STEM+M Early College High School, located on Solida Road in the village.

Smith pointed out that this option will come at no cost to the village. The recordings will then be given to Armstrong Cable, who have agreed to air them on their public service channel.

Bill Patrick, a member of the council, stated that these recordings will be of great benefit to those who are interested in the goings-on of council, but are unable to make the meetings, whether due to health, age or lack of transportation.

Representative government works best when the public is informed of its activities.

By allowing South Point residents to be in tune with the actions of the mayor and council, village officials will open itself to feedback from their constituents and will be provided a valuable perspective on issues.