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Focused on safety

On Wednesday, two more students were arrested for allegedly making threats against students and teachers at their school, this time at Ironton Middle School.

As Sheriff Jeff Lawless pointed out in his talk with parents at Fairland High School on Tuesday, threats against a school are never a joke.

Not only do these raise tensions in the already tense post-Parkland atmosphere, but they divert important law enforcement resources from their mission and run the rick of trivializing efforts to safeguard schools.

Fortunately, law enforcement are not letting this happen and are taking all threats seriously.

And Lawless pointed out, contrary to what many believe, posts on Snapchat do not disappear.

“I can subpoena that,” Lawless told the group, explaining, that once something is posted on the Internet, it is not hard for investigators to track it down, right to the phone or device it came from.

Working with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the sheriff’s office made arrests of three individuals within five days of threats being issued last month.

Perpetrators are most likely going to get caught and, if they are, will be charged to full extent of the law.

Parents at Fairland heard from school officials and law enforcement on Tuesday and were given an overview of safety and security in their district.

Preparedness was stressed and parents were assured that the schools and sheriff have extensive plans in place in the event of an actual attack.

We are thankful for the work of schools and law enforcement this past month and are confident that the safety of the county’s students will continue to be a top priority.