GOP candidate says he would put ‘America First’

Published 3:31 pm Sunday, May 6, 2018

On your way to the polls this Tuesday, ask yourself this question: What does our current Congressman expect to do in another two years that which he wasn’t able to do during his past eight years in office?

As your America First Republican candidate for Ohio’s 6th District, I promise to return accountability to the office, be a catalyst for change and a force in support of the Trump Agenda. Here’s how I plan on doing it.

I will not turn this office into a “career”, therefore, 20-50 percent of the time now spent fundraising for future elections, will be redirected to working hand-in-hand with community officials throughout our District to access federal resources for infrastructure needs.

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Our legacy will be one of rebuilding roads, water and sewer systems in our communities, not building a bank account.

I will never vote for any law that fails to include every member of Congress. It is unconscionable that anyone could vote for laws that apply to everyone but themselves. From insider trading, healthcare to disclosure laws, all members of Congress should play by the exact same rules as we do.

I have a plan that will generate than $400 million annually to begin to treat the mentally ill across America. Each 1 percent tax on violent film and video game content sales will raise approximately $400 million annually.

I have a plan that will make America safer by significantly reducing the size of the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database.

Fewer than 5,000 of the million-plus records contained in the Terrorist Screening Database are Americans, therefore I will propose that we start revoking guest VISAs and send these folks home that are here legally and aggressively deport those who are not.

A complete list of my policies and ideas can be found on YouTube at “Blazek for Congress.”


Robert Blazek