Happy Mother’s Day

Published 10:03 am Saturday, May 12, 2018

On this Mother’s Day, we celebrate all the women who care enough to love us.

Mothers come in many forms.

There are the ones that gave birth to us. There are the ones who raised us. And there are many who,  while they may not have been our mother, cared about us like a mother, whether it was a grandmother, an aunt, a friend of the family or foster mom.

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There were the ones who were there when we needed them, whether it was taking us in during a tough time or just taking the time to listen to us when someone broke our heart.

One of the hardest jobs in the world is being a mother.

It’s a job that never ends. It is mom who is there to try and guide them through all the stages of life.

Mothers of young babies worry constantly whether the baby is unhappy or sick. Then there is the worry of the newly-walking toddler getting into something dangerous. Then there are all the fears as the child gets old enough to go to school- will the other kids be mean? Are they learning at the right  pace?

Then there is the dreaded teenage years when mom is obviously old and possibly the dumbest human being ever. Then, once that stage is done, it is time to send them out into the world with the fear that you didn’t do enough to prepare them.

Even after the child has grown into adulthood, there are a thousand fears.

And for that, we salute every mother for their patience, understanding and their sleepless nights.

Happy Mother’s Day.