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Person Centered Services looking for prom donations

Person Centered Services in Coal Grove is having a prom for their clients and are looking for donations to make the event even better.

“We are looking for prom dresses, jewelry, shoes, men’s dress shirts,” said Cara Akers, PCS executive director. “And even things like prom décor anyone would have.”

The PCS prom is going to be on June 22 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Ironton and this is the second prom they’ve had. This year, they have invited Easter Seals to attend as well. Akers said they are expecting to have 60-70 people attending.

Akers said some of their clients have never been to a prom before and this event gives them an opportunity to do something they haven’t done before.

“A lot of them didn’t get a chance to attend when they were in high school and this is something they really like to do,” she said. “They get so excited, they get to dress up and get their hair and nails done. The whole nine yards.”

Akers said there were different reasons they didn’t get to attend a prom.

“A lot of them probably either didn’t get the proper education to actually attend the school or they were attending special classes and weren’t offered the opportunity to attend prom,” she said.

She said the clients really enjoyed last year’s prom.

“They couldn’t wait for the next one,” Akers said. “They were wanting to get a dress and go again.”

She said the school has dances throughout the year including one for Valentine’s Day.

“They all get out there and do their thing,” Akers said. “Sometimes, they say they don’t know how to dance, so the staff will get out there and dance with them. We have a good old time.

Akers said there was strong support from the community last year.

“We got a lot of donations,” she said. “And we have contacted schools that have already had proms and asked them if they would be willing to donate their decorations or things like that.”

Anyone who would like to donate can call PCS at 740-442-7348.