Drivers need to exercise caution on roadways

Published 9:35 am Friday, May 25, 2018

I am not an easy rider. My father was a rather offensive driver.

In my youth, I was in the middle car of a five-vehicle accident. I have never fully recovered.

In fact, I was in my 20s, married and pregnant with my first child when I passed the driving  test. I was moved to write this because my eldest grandchild turned 16 in June.

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I have been noticing drivers and their skills and have grave concerns, not because of her ability, but a general lack of competence in many of the driving public.

I witness the following daily: Stop signs and red lights being ignored, even going the wrong way on one-way streets. There seem to be several contributing factors.

First, there is a general disregard for the rules. I grew up an Army brat with a different perspective. Additionally, there is a lack of courtesy and kindness, and perhaps some rules have been forgotten. Many of us feel a kind of anonymity when driving, not I, in my neon green Chevy spark.

Let’s remember to use turn signals. Let’s remember to keep one car length for each 10 miles of speed. Arriving at a three-way stop simultaneously, the person to one’s right has the right of way.

Yield does not mean to accelerate onto the highway, cutting off the person going the speed limit. He/she has the right of the way.

Sixteen-year-olds lack life and driving experience. We seasoned drivers should be better role models.

Year ago, there was a window sticker, “Precious Cargo.” I often say our grands remind how God loves us. Let’s remember the Golden Rule and make their pathways more safe. If these gentle reminders prevent one accident, it’s been worthwhile.


Susan Sheridan