Lake not open to public at this time

Published 9:14 am Saturday, June 2, 2018

My family and I moved from Ashland, Kentucky to the Former Chuck’s Pay Lake on Spring Branch Road off State Route 243 near Ironton in December 2017.

It has one large lake and three decent-sized ponds. We know it has been a place for public fishing for many years, and people have many memories, as children and with their families.

But, at this time, we have no plans on opening it up to the public. There are too many things involved about safety and having insurance, the bait house needs a lot of maintenance, three restrooms don’t work, stocking of fish and the dam wall has needed some work.

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We wanted to move here after leaving the city, at our older ages now, for peace, relaxation and to enjoy being in the country and enjoying our haven. We would absolutely love to be able to be the ones to continue for people to be able to keep fishing here, if we were capable of the maintenance work to be done, along with the legal papers, insurance, safety things that need done, to make it happen.

People just don’t see that side of it. They unfortunately have continued to show up, knocking on our doors, even after seeing/reading, all the signs about no trespassing/no public fishing, private residence, etc., that are posted in several places.

People stop by saying to us that we owe it to them, that it’s not fair and they will sign a paper to fish, if they need to. We are made to feel guilty and have had a hard time trying to enjoy our home. We just want the privacy and respect to learn about this new place and all that needs to be done to care for its almost eight acres.

As far as it ever being a public pay lake, never say never. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just not possible at this time in our lives.


Tracey Pritt