Portman beholden to NRA campaign contributions

Published 8:34 am Tuesday, June 5, 2018

U.S. Sen. Robert J. “Rob” Portman, R-Ohio, is hardly a man with character, conscience, or soul.

Robert J. Portman is for sale. Always. Plunk down a few million for his campaign fund, and his vote is yours. Guaranteed.

Take for example the gun lobby. Portman is the eighth highest-bribed member in the U.S. Senate. He’s pocketed more than three million from the NRA.

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Check it out! This isn’t chump change.

It means that there can be dozens of mass school shootings in the land where beautiful, innocent young people are wounded or killed, and Portman won’t lift a finger for gun control.

How can he? The dirty money from the NRA is far more important to this legislator than the precious lives of America’s youth.

But 2022 isn’t far off. It really isn’t. This will be the year in which Portman will be up for re-election. It’s also the year in which all of today’s high school students will be eligible to vote. En masse.

This can be a time of reckoning for Sen. Portman in which his insidious claim to Ohio’s  Senate seat will be exposed for what it is. Traitor! He and all those who have disgraced themselves, the Senate, and the entire nation by selling out for their own personal and political gain.

Meanwhile, if we are cursed with yet another school massacre, Portman’s smiling face will be floating above the fray. It’s an ugly picture. One that’s reeking with shame.
Rev. Dr. Thomas E. Sagendorf