Teach your children about leadership by example

Published 8:12 am Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Being a father has taught me a lot of valuable leadership lessons.

Leadership is not just at work. Leadership can be, and should be, much more multi-dimensional than that. It extends out of our workplaces and into our families and our communities. It can be an example. It should be an example. You never know who is watching.

Leadership is not about position, perks and power, but how you influence and give up your own rights and lead through the giving of ourselves for others. Giving of yourself is the most important parental trait.

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As a parent to a beautiful 24-year-old daughter, I have learned that the following items have been the the most important.

1. Small daily actions – How we show up for people, how we treat others, and who we make time for in our busy lives. Celebrate the small wins in life because life is hard.

2. Be forgiving-Say sorry, forget the past, move forward.

3. Be humble-You need someone in your life to make sure you don’t get too big for your britches. Luckily as a parent, your kids will humble you a great deal. You will not always do everything the right way, but if you follow your heart, you will do pretty well. Being humble puts life into FOCUS. I remember having to put side ponies into my daughters hair the day of school pictures. I was a man, so I had a ruler and zip ties out to make sure this was going to be perfect. My daughter was crying, but guess what? I loved her and luckily we found some hair scrunchies at the last minute and after 17 tries, the side ponies turned out pretty well. We still don’t use that set of school photos but hey-there is always next year.

4. Defend the underdog-My daughter feels others hearts. Her compassion is amazing. From the smallest pet to anyone suffering a hardship, she makes sure we help the people that are often forgotten about. This lesson is one that everyone should remember. We are all fighting something in life and so if you are ever looking down on someone, please let it be offering a hand to them to pull them back up.

Show your children, by example, the kind of people you want them to become.

Thanks for listening.


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