Making tough choices

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Like so many villages and municipalities across Ohio and the nation, Proctorville is strapped for cash.

Mayor Rick Dunfee has made no secret of this fact, stating earlier this year that the biggest goal of the council for 2018 is financial survival of the village.

According to the mayor, the village’s water plant has been in major need of repairs and upgrades, and the estimated cost for the project is $13,725.

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Proctorville does not have the funds to cover the expense, but, fortunately, a solution was worked out last week in a joint meeting with the village and the Lawrence County Commission.

The commission agreed to front the money so work can begin. The cost will then be split three ways, with the commission paying a third, Union Township Trustees paying a third and the village paying back a third over time.

In order to cover the cost of maintenance, the specifics of which are to be determined, Proctorville’s council voted to increase its water rates slightly.

While no one likes to see bills increase, sometimes tough decisions must be made. The money will go toward a necessary infrastructure upgrade and council members should be commended for their leadership here and doing what is needed.

Also worthy of recognition are the commission and the Union trustees, who showed that local governments can work together for the greater good and get things done.