God’s temples

Published 8:23 am Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gym emphasizes physical, spiritual well-being

By Brianna Robinson, Tribune intern

FitFaith Health and Wellness is a new gym in Ironton focusing on not only physical well-being, but spiritual well-being, as well.

Nistasha Russel, a health and fitness coach founded FitFaith with one goal in mind: to serve others.

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“I love to serve others,” she said. “The business came to mind about a year and a half ago, and my goal was to help mothers find time for themselves. I wanted to find a way to help moms be better moms, because when we make time to take care of ourselves, and feed our bodies spiritually and take care of our bodies, it allows us to be the better person we want to be.”

Fitfaith Health and Wellness offers basic and family memberships, childcare and a safe, clean environment where families can feel comfortable as they work towards their health and fitness goals

“The inspiration behind opening FitFaith was my desire to really set the example on how to live a healthy life physically, but incorporate that we are children of God and that our body is a temple implementing the fitness side with the faith,” Russel said.

FitFaith offers discounts for Ohio University students, seniors, active military personnel and veterans.

Community Action Organization members receive free membership.