Insurance, police cruisers among Chesapeake Village Council topics

Published 9:03 am Friday, July 6, 2018

Special meeting set for Monday

CHESAPEAKE — The Chesapeake Village Council held its regular monthly meeting on Monday.

Among the issues discussed:

• Police Chief Randy Thompson said the village needs to consider upgrades to its aging fleet of police cruisers and said he has been inquiring about possible options.

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• The council voted 4-0 to approve the sale of one of the older cruisers.

• Mayor Tommy Templeton said the village had received its insurance statement that day, which amounted to $11,482.

Templeton said he wanted to inquire on the issue of conceal carry for the fire department, as well as the possibility of a payment plan and was waiting to hear back from an agent.

He scheduled a special meeting of council for 7 p.m. on Monday to focus on the issue

• At the request of council member Randy Penix, the council approved the addition of placard for the village welcome sign recognizing the Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Corporation. Penix said this would designate that the community supports the club, which assists EMS in emergency situations.

• Templeton asked the council to consider repairs to the road on the “back side of North Huntington Heights,” which runs through both the village and Union Township. No action was taken, though Templeton said he has been discussing the matter with the county engineer. Council members said they hoped costs could be split with the township.

• The mayor and council discussed the issue of on street solicitations for community organizations. The practice had been banned on the main street through Proctorville, due to liability issues. No action was taken.

• The council heard from Tina Davis, who was concerned about slippage at Union Hill Cemetery, where her mother is buried.

While Templeton stated this was outside village limits and not in their power to address, the mayor and council took time to listen to her problem and council members advised her on possible contacts to resolve it and pledged to look into who maintains the cemetery.

• Voted to black out line markings on Big Branch Road, where a traffic signal had been removed earlier this summer after being damaged by lightning.

• The council met in executive session to discuss personnel matters, with no action reportedly taken.