A shining example of youth

Published 7:50 am Thursday, July 12, 2018

This week, 4-H members of all ages have been taking part in many animal shows at the Lawrence County Fair.

From the work of the extension office at through The Ohio State University to the activities of the Junior Fair Board, the week’s events are quite an undertaking and require much work before and during the fair.

The results of the show come after a year or so of the members raising the animals, many from birth.

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In addition to teaching farming skills and how to raise animals, 4-H also prepares members for the showmanship competitions, which are judged on the ability to handle the animal and speak on the subject matter.

These are skills that will translate into use in the future, no matter what field the members go into for future careers.

Participating in 4-H not only gives the youth a much-needed positive activity, but it also sows the seeds through social skills for wider civic participation.

On a personal note, we would like to commend the children and teens in 4-H for their friendliness and politeness.

They have been a joy to interview and have always been helpful in answering questions about events and are always a positive, upbeat interview.

We’ve always had a great experience interacting with 4-H members and staff.

We admire all of them for their dedication and courtesy and know they will go far in whatever they choose to do in life.