Reds offer advice to battle the heat at the ballpark

Published 10:52 pm Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rob Butcher
Cincinnati Reds’ VP Media Relations

CINCINNATI — Every summer the temperatures rise and there are those days when the mercury climbs into the 90s with a heat index about 100.
The Cincinnati Reds have recommendations for fans on how to stay cool and “heat smart” while enjoying the games at Great American Ball Park:
• Fans are permitted to bring non-alcoholic plastic bottles of water and sports drinks into the ballpark. (Soft-sided coolers smaller than 16x16x8 are always permitted.)
• “Cool rooms” will be available with TVs so fans can watch the game. Please see a Reds staff member for an escort to a cool room.
• Cool water vapor misting stations are setup near sections 106, 129, 131, 416, 427 and under the PNC Power Stacks in center field.
• The Reds Hall of Fame & Museum and Reds Team Shops are air conditioned and are good locations for fans to escape the heat.
• Fans should stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) before and during the game.
• Complimentary sunscreen lotion will be available at the TriHealth first aid stations near sections 110, 125 and 411.
• Extra care should be taken when exposing infants and elderly fans to these conditions as they are much more susceptible to heat-related illnesses.
• If a fan feels weak or sick, please let a Reds staff member know and medical aid will be summoned.
• Wheelchair assistance is always available. Please see a Reds staff member.
• TriHealth Event Medicine will provide additional medical staff to assist anyone overcome by the heat. At every Reds game, TriHealth provides emergency medicine physicians, an ambulance and crew along with critical care paramedics and nurses.

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