Watch out for bikes

Published 8:44 am Saturday, July 14, 2018

With summer in full swing and the Friends of Ironton’s Rally on the River just a month away, it is a good time to remember to watch out for our friends on motorcycles.

Since bikes are smaller than other traffic on the roads, it is sometimes difficult to see them.

But we all need to watch out for them.

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Ohio saw a drop in motorcycle deaths in 2017 with 157, down from a five-year high in 2016 with 200 deaths. There were a total of 3,162 injuries.

Ironton sees a lot of motorcycle traffic and on a nice day, bikers bring their cycles out of the garage to ride and enjoy the sunshine.

Under Ohio law, only riders 17 and under, passengers and operators in their first year of having a motorcycle license have to wear a helmet. Unhelmeted bike riders have an increased chance of serious injury in an accident.

So, when pulling out of a driveway or parking lot, look both directions twice to avoid hitting a motorcyclist. Also give bikes space when you follow them, use your signal when they are behind you and don’t stop short.

So, let’s enjoy the summer and watch out for our fellow motorists on motorcycles.