No longer isolated

Published 8:31 am Saturday, August 25, 2018

One of the problems of gaming online is the isolation.

While you may be talking to someone from anywhere in the world as you floss your way through the lands of Fortnite, most likely you are sitting in a room all by yourself.

The Tribal Gaming Company in Ironton is looking to change that for gamers.

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Owners Jaylen Thornhill and Gavin Harbolt are looking to create a place for kids to come  and play in online tournaments, something that most small towns don’t have.

“We wanted to open a safe place for to come hang out and play video games,” Harbolt said.

With multiple gaming stations, the business gives kids a place to play and to socialize and comepete, in real life, with others with similar interests.

They also want to build eSports teams to compete on the national level, something that many gamers dream up but may not have a chance to participate in.

We commend Tribal Gaming Company for giving kids a safe spot to play and hang out.