Get ready to vote

Published 6:13 am Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted announced earlier this week that his office was sending out ballot applications to all registered voters in the state so they can apply to vote absentee, if they are too busy to show at the polling booth on Nov. 6.

Although the absentee ballots haven’t even been printed yet and won’t be available until after Oct. 10, every voter should consider their picks for the upcoming election.

Many people only vote during the presidential elections every four years and are doing themselves a disservice.

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This fall’s election is for Ohio’s top offices, including who will be governor and U.S. Senator.

In Lawrence County, there is a race for a commissioner’s seat, auditor, Fourth District Court of Appeals judges and Common Pleas judge.

These are all positions that affect your life, often more directly than the officeholders in D.C.

So, get out and vote for the candidate of your choice.