Parents group forming at Dawson-Bryant

Published 7:38 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Goal to help caretakers, no cost for sessions

Dawson-Bryant schools will be offering a free program for parents or guardians who have children with special health or behavioral needs.

Called Tools for Caregivers group, the focus of the group will be information on stress, communication, assertive training and family meetings.

Dawson-Bryant Elementary school counselor Dannie Newman said that, in his position, the parents are a main client and he is always looking for ways to help them.

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“Parents need a way to link up and we are hoping that, possibly, we could expand and meet once a month,” he said. “We’d like to get more parents in and this could be a support group.”

He said there are already 10 parents signed up. The group is for any parents or grandparents in the Dawson-Bryant school district.

“There is a need for a support group,” Newman said. “But a lot for a lot of people, a group is too far away or cost something.”

It will meet from noon-2 p.m. for six Tuesdays with the first session on Sept. 11 at Dawson-Bryant Elementary.

He said that the group is really for any parent, no matter what grade their children are in.

“It can be any parent, male or female,” Newman said. “I think what many parents want to talk about is taking care of themselves, reducing their own guilt, and understanding what resources are out there.”

Newman said his favorite part of the sessions is setting goals and problem solving.

“Because so many times with raising our kids, we just go through life and do what we can,” he said. “Goal setting is really helpful in the fact that you have something to shoot for and try to make happen.”

Instruction and material will be provided by the Area Agency on Aging District 7. There is no cost to group members.

Participants will receive a free “How-To” book that has chapters covering topics like hiring in-home help, understanding community resources, making legal and financial decisions, understanding depression and more.

“The best part is that this group is free, the book is free,” Newman said. “There is no cost to parents and they aren’t held back because they don’t have to pay for materials or the cost of admission.”

Anyone interested in the group can contact Newman at 740-532-6898 or