Michigan fan has pleasant chat with Ohio State fan

Published 12:15 am Friday, September 7, 2018

I wuz thinkin’ bout how rival fans can git crazy to each other or just have a nice chat.
Last season before the Ohio State-Michigan game, a Buckeyes’ fan wuz standin’ in line waitin’ to git inside the stadium when a Michigan fan carryin’ a bag walked up behind him.
“What ya got in the bag?” the OSU fan asked.
“Possums,” said the Michigan fan.
“Possums? That’s seems odd. How many have ya got in there?” the OSU fan asked.
“I’m not tellin’ ya. It’s none of yer business,” shot back the Michigan fan.
The Buckeye fan wuz curious and thought a second, then asked, “If I kin guess how many skunks you’ve got in the sack, will you give me one?”
The Michigan fan lit up a smug smile, cocked back his head and answered.
“Tell ya what. If you kin guess how many possums I’se got in this bag, I’ll give ya both of them.”
No wonder Jim Harbaugh is their coach.
Ennywhooo, last week I wuz 10-4 to bring the two-week mark to 24-7. Week three looks like it’s an ever tougher week so I is prepared to take a beatin’ myself. Here goes.
Ironton at Fairland: They always say bet on a good defense over a good offense. I ain’t so sure in this case, but I’ll go with the so-called experts. Ironton 21, Fairland 17.
Coal Grove at Portsmouth West: Now we is talkin’ defense again with them Senators. Hornets do have some weapons, though. Difference is up front. West 17, Coal Grove 14.
Oak Hill at Rock Hill: The hills are alive with the sound of running. Watch them Redmen run. Rock Hill 28, Oak Hill 18.
Symmes Valley at Chesapeake: The Panthers may be missin’ Austin Browning. But they may not miss him that much this week. Chesapeake 26, Symmes Valley 12.
Alexander at South Point: Two young teams meet and the more veteran team should find a way to win. Alexander 22, South Point 13.
West Union at Green: The Bobcats owe West Union one. Green 30, West Union 18.
Jackson at Gallipolis: Ya kin make a case fer either team here. Might be Gallipolis’ best chance to be the Ironmen in a few years. Gallipolis 35, Jackson 24.
Portsmouth at River Valley: Seems like a lot of teams is gittin’ some good offensive work against the Raiders. Portsmouth 42, River Valley 7.
OTHERS: Ashland over Russell; Southeastern over Beaver Eastern; Chillicothe Ross over Northwest; Fayetteville over Ports. Notre Dame; Lucasville Valley over Piketon; Minford over Nelsonville-York; Waverly over Unioto; Wheelersburg over Heath.
Gridiron Goober is a self-proclaimed high school football expert who shares his vast knowledge and picks each week, all while offering a humorous take on the world of sports.

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