Goober: Recruiting gets tough for Harbaugh

Published 12:06 am Thursday, September 20, 2018

Seems Jim Harbaugh wuz tryin’ to explain the type of players he recruits to play at Michigan.
Harbaugh said one of the players doesn’t know the meanin’ of the word fear.
“In fact, I just saw his grades and he doesn’t know the meanin’ of a lot of words,” the coach said.
One recruit wuz waitin’ to see if he passed the qualifying standards. Harbaugh asked the recruit, “What did you git on yer ACT and SATs?”
The recruit answered, “Drool.”
There wuz a tragedy with one recruit who actually died from drinkin’ milk. Seems the cow fell on him.a
Two possible recruits wuz out huntin’ and one turned to the other and said, “Look, a dead bird.”
The other recruit look up in the sky and said, “Where?”
And speakin’ of outdoorsmen, one recruit wuz almost killed in a horseback ridin’ accident. He fell from the horse and was nearly trampled to death. Fortunately, the manager of the grocery store came out and unplugged the horse.
Ya’ll know this wuz ficticious? Just the media makin’ up more stories. Right? Right?
Ennywhooo, last week I wuz 9-3 to bring the season mark to 47-12 We has already hit the halfway mark.
South Point at Ironton: Them thar Tigers gots some momentum goin’. I don’t sees them slowin’ down right now. Ironton 42, South Point 14.
Coal Grove at Chesapeake: These two teams fights really hard to win that Little Brown Jug. I knows why. I found out what wuz inside. Coal Grove 35, Chesapeake 21.
Fairland at Rock Hill: Injuries are takin’ their toll on the Redmen. It’s aerial attack vs. ground troups. This one could git wild. Rock Hill 34, Fairland 33.
Symmes Valley at Green: This is the game in the SOC I this week. Could be the Bobcats veterans will be too much fer the young Vikings. Green 20, Symmes Valley 18.
Others: Gallipolis over Portsmouth; Raceland over Portsmouth West; Northwest over Beaver Eastern; Oak Hill over Ports. Notre Dame; Sciotoville East over Manchester; Minford over Williamsburg; Waverly over Nelsonville-York; Wheelersburg over Jackson.
Gridiron Goober is a self-proclaimed high school football expert who shares his vast knowledge and picks each week, all while offering a humorous take on the world of sports.

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