Honoring those who served

Published 9:37 am Thursday, October 4, 2018

From the size of the crowd on Sunday, it was clear that the unveiling of the Student Soldier Statue at Dawson-Bryant High School was important to the district.

The monument, which features a student in cap and gown and combat boots, is to honor past, present and future students who have served in the military.

It also features a plaque dedicated to Homer Dawson and Curtis Bryant, two Coal Grove residents killed in World War I for whom the school is named.

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At its base are helmets, depicting the major conflicts the U.S. military has fought in. these were designed and sculpted by the school’s art students, as part of two-year project.

The monument comes as part of a five-year effort by the community and its planning commission.

We commend all involved who contributed to this effort.

Not only does it honor those who have sacrificed and fought for their country, but it also serves as an inspiration of the opportunities and path a student can take in joining the military.