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Sharing message of safety

Last week, fire departments across the county took part in National Fire Prevention Week.

Crews visited schools, such as Burlington and South Point, while the Village of Proctorville hosted a parade on the subject.

Children learned about stop, drop and roll, while being informed of the need to keep batteries in smoke detectors.

At Burlington, the students paraded around the school, showing what they had learned from the lessons.

While the South Point Volunteer Fire Department took a smokehouse to the schools, simulating a burning home and taught the children how to escape in the event of a fire.

These visits and events take place annually and, as firefighters have told us in covering them over the years, they make a difference, with stories of children, in an actual fire, using what they learned.

We thank all who put these activities together. The work they did last week may very well end up saving many lives.