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Democrats would provide oversight of Trump

Fear mongering political ads are now in full swing, especially the fear of “impeachment of our president.”

It’s not immediate impeachment this president and his minions really fear; it is the truth.

Anyone who can count knows there will never be a two-thirds majority in the Trump-controlled Senate to support an impeachment conviction, whatever the evidence provided.

It is essential, however, that we endeavor to ascertain the truth concerning Russian involvement in the Trump campaign and in other irregularities.

Unfortunately, truth was one of those qualities lost in the conversion of the Republican Party into the ReTrumplican party, along with family values, “compassionate conservativism” and the concept of personal integrity. To our fearmonger-in-chief, lying comes as easily as breathing and he contradicts himself so quickly, his sycophants in Congress can hardly keep straight what they are supposed to believe.

Is it any wonder he is so enamored of Vladimir Putin? Both are liars, the latter a highly-trained professional, the other a world-class amateur with a lifetime of practice. They are a couple not made in heaven.

Despite the prevaricator-in-chief’s war on a free press, the FBI and the Justice Department, the truth does exist and, if allowed, the Mueller investigation might yet uncover it.

It is currently our only path to learning the truth about Russian involvement in American elections. Should the Mueller probe be derailed, our only hope for an honest investigation is the election of at least one house of Congress willing to fulfill it constitutional role of checks and balances.

That will only happen if Democrats are elected. It will be no easy task in a political world of gerrymandered districts and phony Internet surprises, orchestrated by Russians and others with invested interests in the reign of our divider-in-chief.

Make America America Again.


Merlyn Marten, Proctorville