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Helping our furry friends

As the county’s only animal shelter and being a no-kill operation, the Lawrence County Animal Shelter is always in need of donations.

And last month, they received a generous donation from a Dawson-Bryant sixth grader’s efforts.

Marlee Malone set up a GoFundMe account for the shelter earlier this year and collected $550, which she presented to them in October.

In addition, Malone has collected $110 in funds and supplies through her school, as well as through drop off locations at local businesses, the results of which she dropped off last week.

And this is the second year she has conducted such drives for the shelter.

We commend Malone for both her love of animals and hard work, which have been a great contribution to our community.

And we encourage everyone to consider adopting an animal from the shelter, at the cost of $30 per dog and $15 per cat.

Not only do these animals need homes, but one of the best Christmas gifts you can get is to bring home a companion and friend for your family.