A time to give

Published 8:45 am Monday, December 3, 2018

With Christmas just weeks away, people are putting up lights and Santas and reindeer to add to the holiday atmosphere. People are planning gifts to give to their loved ones and putting up Christmas trees.

Amidst the bustle of the season, we are asking everyone to remember the less fortunate.

Although there are plenty of things like Giving Trees for people to donate a gift to a needy child, there are many who get forgotten this time of year.

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One example is people in nursing homes. Many do not have families and won’t be getting anything for Christmas. This would be a good opportunity to let them know someone still cares.

Let’s all follow the example of groups like the American Legion Post 433, who recently stood in the streets to collect funds to buy presents for veterans in nursing homes. And let us not forget organizations that help needy people all throughout the year like Harvest for the Hungry food pantry, City Welfare Mission, and Chesapeake CMO.

And there will be other food drives at schools and organizations.

So, this is the season to give, so let’s us give to those who really need it.