Some New Year hopes

Published 8:02 am Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A new year often means a new start, and we hope that means a new start for Lawrence County.

What this county needs is jobs, and there is hope with Braidy Industry coming to Greenup County, Kentucky that some support factory could come to this side of the Ohio River.

There are many sites around Lawrence County with good access to railroads and highways.

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This county will never again see factories like it had during the heyday of steel plants, but the same land that was used for the steel mills could be used for small factories that could employ 50-100 people.

This county has an advantage of Ohio University Southern and Collins Career Technical Center, which have the ability and the willingness to teach courses any businesses could need.

We also need those involved in economic development to promote all potential spots in Lawrence County. There is far too much land sitting unused. This is a shame and a waste of available resources.

So, let’s hope that 2019 is one of the years that we see our local economy turn around.