Road crews getting ready for possible snow

Published 5:29 pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

Road crews on both sides of the Ohio River are getting ready for another possible bout of winter weather.

With snow expected in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky Thursday night and Friday morning, the Ohio Department of Transportation and Kentucky Department of Highways has crews on standby with salt trucks.

ODOT said they are expecting accumulations ranging from one to three inches depending upon the path of the storm.

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With the extremely cold air and pavement temperatures, salt alone is less effective to treat roadways, and snow can freeze and become hard-packed to the pavement.

Although crews will be working to plow and treat with liquid de-icers to keep routes safe and passable, motorists are reminded that inclement weather will impact roadways, and they should be prepared for varying conditions during the morning commute.

Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 superintendents in Boyd and Greenup counties will report by 5 a.m. Friday to check road conditions and call out salt truck and plow crews as needed, although all crews are subject to callout earlier if conditions warrant.

Temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing until late Friday, so any precipitation received beforehand could cause slick conditions on highways. Motorists are advised to make travel plans accordingly, especially for the Friday morning commute, and remember to slow down, buckle up, leave a “space cushion” between vehicles for safe maneuverability, and to drive carefully on bridges and overpasses that can freeze before roadways.