Marking a century of service

Published 1:14 pm Sunday, February 17, 2019

It was 100 years ago when a group of Ironton women banded together to form what would become the Child Welfare Club.

Their goal was to help children in need. Their most well-known effort was to make sure that all children got access to a pint of milk to help them be healthy. They also began story hours to help with literacy.

Over the next 10 decades, the group, usually with around 35 women, worked on a variety of projects such as helping create the children’s section of the library and giving scholarships.

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The women raised thousands of dollars to support their efforts by selling cookbooks, dance lessons, and even at one point, rain bonnets.

There is still a strong Child Welfare Club that has held the Educational Achievement Awards, now known by its nickname, the Eddy Awards, for nearly 60 years. They also contribute to projects like Backpack Buddies, Tools for Schools, the City Welfare Mission, and various food pantries in the community.

It is a rare feat for any civic organization to last and serve their community for so long.

We commend the hundreds of women who have strived to help so many generations of children. May the group continue for another 100 years.