Keep recycling programs available

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019

As a resident of Lawrence County, I really appreciate the efforts of the Solid Waste District to provide options for being good stewards through the recycling program and disposal options for tires, electronic and hazardous waste.

Along with many, I was disappointed when the program went through a recent interruption due to contractual issues and am very pleased to have the green bins back.

I know that many others are also glad to have the service back because of the amount of recyclables collected in the bin I use.

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This past Saturday, as I prepared to leave my weekly collection, I was disappointed to see several things taking up space in the bin that should not have been there. In particular, a large furniture wrap from a Sam’s Club recliner, which included shrink wrap and packing foam. In addition, several food-contaminated pizza boxes and a sheet of aluminum foil had been left.

While I know we all wish we could recycle some of the things that aren’t accepted, the fact of the matter is that everything which is accepted is clearly posted on the bins. When we leave other things, it creates a hardship and added expense on down the line. At the minimum, when clean recyclable items become contaminated with food or trash residue, they have to go to the landfill. The worst case is these single stream recycling options like ours won’t be available.

I, for one, want to see the continuation of recycling options in Lawrence County and I invite you to join me in helping this program of the Solid Waste District be a sustainable project for years to come.


Charles Case, Chesapeake