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A fun take on history

As you can see on this week’s Focus page, Burlington Elementary hosted its annual Living Wax Museum on Thursday.

The event, which is comprised of the school’s three second grade classes, encourages students to learn about figures from throughout history and into the present day.

The children research and dress up as a prominent person, ranging from political leaders like Barack Obama and Eleanor Rooosevelt, athletes such as Babe Ruth and Shannon Miller, scientists like Jane Goodall and Albert Einstein or civil rights and social justice figures like Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

Not only does this encourage the study of history, but it also introduces students to a number of role models from all fields.

Many schools do a similar wax museum event, but Burlington’s has been especially well done since it began three years ago and the work and enthusiasm of the students really shows.

We commend teachers Mary Matney, Amanda Clay and Courtney Tibbetts for their work in organizing this event. It is always a pleasure to cover and bring the results to the public.