Listen to your body to find the plan for you

Published 10:36 am Saturday, March 9, 2019

In this day an age, there is so much access to fitness and nutrition information and it makes it hard to decipher what kind of plan works for you.

You’ll hear from different people and companies that a certain type of workout is the best, or that a certain diet will help you lose weight in the the quickest time possible. What do you do? What plan do you choose?

As a trainer and fitness nutritionist, I get asked daily what my thoughts are on the right plan for everyone.

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Problem is, there is no one single plan that works for everybody and every situation. Not all of us are bodybuilders, dancers, marathon runners, swimmers, yogis, etc. Not all of us can tolerate dairy, gluten, meat, acidic foods, nuts, etc. Not one of us are the same as anyone else in this universe. So why do we feel like we have to have one single answer to meet everyone’s needs?

There is no easy answer because your fitness journey is not an easy path to begin.

When choices become hard to make, we become more vulnerable. Then we allow outside opinions to infiltrate our decision making. It’s just like life, we have to quiet all the chatter around us and just simply listen to hear what we truly need.

What we truly need may not necessarily be what we want either. We all want quick and long lasting results when it comes to health and fitness but our bodies may react differently.

Find what works for you. Try different plans and remember that just because your best friend can lose weight or gain muscle on that plan, doesn’t mean that you necessarily will too. It also doesn’t mean you have to quit. There are other options.

Listen to your body. If what you have tried isn’t working or isn’t necessarily speaking to you, try something new. Find your own version of fitness.

There is not one fitness version that is superior to another. So don’t allow the access to information of types of workouts that exist make you feel inferior.

A strong mind knows how to build a strong body. Find time to focus on your own needs and explore options that fit your goals. If running is something you’ve always wanted to try, do it. Don’t allow your peers to “fitness shame” you into thinking another type of exercise will be more beneficial to you. Only you know the needs of your body and mind.

So quiet all that chatter and open yourself to listening to your own mind and body.

Where does it lead you? Follow your own path. This journey is yours and yours only. Open your mind and you’ll hear exactly what you need.



Viviane Vallance is a personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor working in Lawrence County.


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