Take it slow on the roads

Published 10:32 am Saturday, March 9, 2019

On Tuesday, South Point Mayor Jeff Gaskin announced that he was requesting the village’s police department to focus on the problem of speeding and people running stop signs in the village.

Those violating the law will not get a warning and officers will be writing tickets to offenders.

As Gaskin pointed out, this is a public safety issue, with speeding taking place within village limits, where many neighborhoods are residential and streets often have pedestrians, including children.

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The motivation for this is not financial, as the village is in strong shape in that regard. Its ability to put $200,000 into the Star Ohio investment fund this month is evidence of that.

Instead, any funds raised will be put toward a special purpose, to be announced later.

The last time the village did such a crackdown, the funds were used to upgrade South Point’s playground, with improvements including the installation of new handicapped-accessible equipment.

It is good to see that measures are being taken to keep the village’s streets safe and we urge motorists, who should already be doing so, to obey the posted signs and speed limits.

Not only will it save them money, it will prevent what could be an unfortunate accident.


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