Bringing success home

Published 12:45 pm Thursday, March 21, 2019

Earlier this month, Louis K. Green of South Point, was honored by the Small Business Association of Kentucky for the work of his company, Robinson Contracting.

Green, who has owned and run the business since 2000, operates his Kentucky-based company in five states.

The honor, 8(A) Hall of Fame Award, is given to a minority-owned company that has shown growth.

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On Tuesday, when Green was recognized by the Lawrence County Commission, he announced that he will soon be launching a Lawrence County division of his company.

He also said that he is meeting with officials from Collins Career Technical Center to work with the school to provide employment opportunities for the vocational students.

We congratulate Green on winning this award and for the success of his company over the years.

More importantly, we are pleased that he is thinking of his home county in expanding and that he is in talks with CCTC to do this.

Schools such as Collins represent the future of the county and it is great to see Green planning to incorporate them into his company’s next move.