Editorial: Time for spring cleaning

Published 12:04 am Sunday, March 24, 2019

We have been heartened to see that our elected officials and others are taking an interest in cleaning up the county.
Ironton will have several events as part of “Team Up to Clean Up,” under the umbrella of a county-wide effort called “Project First Impression.”
The goals are the same — have groups help clean the mess left by others, from the trash that is left behind after the Ohio River floods, to trash on the street, to slowing down the illegal dumping of garbage.
We commend everyone involved from those who pick the junk up, to Ironton, Proctorville and Union Township having dumpsters for residents to dispose of trash, to the law officers who will be cite illegal dumpers, to the judges who will hear the cases of those who are caught tossing mattresses or tires, rather than paying for them to be properly disposed of.
Ironton will soon be hosting its 151st annual Memorial Day Parade, so this is a good time to brighten our area.
So, with spring here, let’s all give a little time to make sure Lawrence County is making a good first impression.

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