Dumper must be deterred

Published 11:05 am Thursday, April 11, 2019

In recent months, we have seen officials in Lawrence County make a renewed focus on cleaning up our region.

Project First Impression has launched, bringing leaders from the county and municipal level together to tackle problems, while the county’s land bank has continued its great work at removing blighted structures.

Officials have also been cracking down on violations, with citations issued for dumping.

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With this approach on all fronts taking shape to do good, it made it extremely disheartening to hear of news from Fayette Township this past week.

Over the last month, the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District has received reports of threadbare tires, cut off their rims, being dumped in several locations on county and township roads.

The agency’s executive director, Dan Palmer, said they don’t think the tires were being dumped by a business. Officials have talked to tire shops in Lawrence and Greenup counties about the matter.

This type of dumping is unacceptable, especially considering the agency offers services to help in the disposal of such tires.

They are enlisting the public for help in finding the culprit and are asking anyone with information to call 740-532-1231.

We urge anyone who can help to contact them. Too much progress has been made recently for one person to selfishly continue to degrade our county.