Land bank seeks grants for projects: Requests include razing former bar, vacant church

Published 1:46 pm Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Lawrence County’s land bank is seeking grants from the county commission for use toward demolishing two non-residential structures in the county.

County Treasurer Stephen Dale Burcham, who serves as the land bank’s president, appeared at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lawrence County Commission, where he gave a report on the work of both his office and the land bank.

Burcham said, to date, the land bank has torn down 180 structures.

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“If everything goes according to plan, we’ll have 240 down by the end of the year.”

Burcham made the request for the non-commercial structures, which he said included Shenanigan’s bar in Ironton, as well as a vacant church on South Fifth Street, which has not been used in more than 20 years.

The land bank has demolished one non-residential structure to date, the former Pulley Nursing Home in South Point.

Burcham also provided the commission with a summary of the first half of tax collections for the year, which he said totaled more than $24 million, up from $16 million last year.

“It was a tremendous year,” Burcham said, noting the funds go to county schools. “We’d like to thank the county for being so diligent in paying the taxes and educating our children.”