3 suspects identified with help from social media

Published 8:57 am Friday, May 24, 2019

If you commit a crime, make sure that it doesn’t end up on Facebook.

Thanks to social media, three people that the Ironton Police Department were looking for were identified in a matter of minutes.

Just after noon on Thursday, the IPD posted pictures of three people taken from surveillance cameras at the old WIRO radio station in Ironton.

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The two men and one woman were suspected of taking several items, including a laptop, from the building as well as trespassing on private property.

The building’s owner, iHeart Radio, contacted IPD detective Captain Joe Ross on Thursday morning.

“They said they had people going in and out of the old radio station, so they had put cameras up inside,” Ross explained. “It caught these three on video.”

Ross said they have been in contact with the three individuals.

“They were in Kentucky and I advised them that if they would like to come and give me a statement on Friday, I would be willing to work with them and get this worked out with the radio station,” Ross said. “They are supposed to give me a statement about why they were up there and why they were in the building.”

Ross did not release the names of the individuals.

He did give a shout out to the public for helping them identify the people.

“Within 15 minutes of it being posted on our Facebook page, we had these people identified,” Ross said. “Once it was on Facebook, the calls just poured in.”