A final answer in sight?

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

It seems inconceivable that in 2019 there are still areas in the county that do not have access to water service.

But as residents on Macedonia Hill in the Burlington area know, this is the case in Lawrence County. Additionally, there are residents in Fayette Township, Windsor Township and Rome Township who are in the same situation.

Last year, Lawrence Municipal Judge Charles Cooper approved the formation of the Lawrence County Rural Water District, whose president, Dave Lucas, says it is focused on bringing service to these residents.

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The district hosted a public meeting on May 30, which featured state and regional officials who pledged to work to resolve this issue, with Phase 1 of their efforts focused on Macedonia Hill.

The first step of this will be to send out a survey to property owners in the area to gather information to use for the purpose of securing grants and funding.

We encourage anyone who receives this to fill it out and return in promptly, as it will aid efforts to get water service.

We applaud the work of Lucas and the district in starting this campaign and, hopefully, they get the momentum to finally resolve this longstanding problem.