Father and son big winners in RBTR; Schneider, Neel capture 10K runs

Published 10:26 pm Sunday, June 9, 2019

LEFT: The father and son tandem of Scott, left, and Seth Hamm won the first place in the Father/Son category with Scott winning a second straight 5K race at Saturday’s Run By The River.. RIGHT: Tara Schneider of Willow Wood gives a double “thumbs up” as she heads for the finish line in winning the women’s 10K at Saturday’s Run By The River. (Photo By Tim Gearhart)

Tim Gearhart
For The Tribune

RUSSELL, Ky. —A father-son team from South Point, a cross-country runner from Hurricane, W. Va., a Chesapeake pastor and a Coal Grove elementary teacher were the big winners in Saturday’s 42nd annual Kiwanis Run By The River.
Rain threatened early Saturday morning but after a brief shower around 7 a.m.
The rain stayed away and provided runners with an almost perfect day for running. The temperature was 67 and the skies cloudy at the start of the race but the streets were dry.
Scott Hamm, an 8th grade science teacher at Dawson-Bryant Middle School in Coal Grove, teamed with his son, Seth, to win first and second place, respectively, in the men’s 5K.
Scott Hamm, 38, ran the course through Russell in 18:09.6 while Seth, 10, turned in a time of 20:03.8.
Seth finished 3rd overall in the race and their combined times of 38:13.4 also earned the duo the first place trophy in the special father/son category.
It was Scott Hamm’s second victory in a row in the 5K. He won last year with a time of 18:40. And they won the father/son trophy last time too.
Asha Bora, a 15-year-old cross country runner from Hurricane, W.Va., earned a place in Run By The River history by winning the women’s 5K division with a time of 19:28.5. That gave her second place overall in the 5K, a rare finish for women runners.
She then teamed with her father, Dru Bora, 50, who finished the 5K in the fifth spot overall (21:21.2). Their combined times (40:49.7) earned the pair the first place father/daughter trophy.
Tanya Queen, 47, of Ashland, was the runner up with a 5K time of 24:30.7 (13th place overall).
In the 10K, Eddie Neel, a youth programs coordinator at Impact Prevention in Lawrence County, Ohio, and local pastor involved in discipleship and gospel centered community outreach, won the men’s division with the best time posted in that race in eight years.
Neel, 36, of Chesapeake, posted a time of 37:03.2 on the 6.2 mile course through Russell and Worthington. That’s the best time since 2011 when Jon Rennaker ran the course in 36:19.
Runner-up in the men’s 10K was Tyler Evans, 24, of Portsmouth (40:37.7).
Tara Schneider, a Willow Wood, Ohio, resident who teaches 5th grade at Dawson-Bryant Elementary in Coal Grove, won the women’s 10K for the second time.
Schneider, 34, posted a time Saturday of 45:10.8, which was nearly eight minutes better than her winning time in the 2016 race of 53:08.
Runner up in the women’s 10K was Ava Kazee, 11, of Ashland with a time of 49:38.6.
Other winners included the father-son team of Lanny Fraley, 69, of Ashland, and Anthony Fraley, 44, of Russell, who won the second place trophy in the father/son 5K.
Jeremy Ratcliff, 37, of Russell, won the stroller division by pushing two children through the race.
Top Dog, for the second year in a row, was Chris Griffith, 45, of Ashland, who ran the course in 22:06.2 with his beagle Rocky. Brian Hancock, 64, of Ashland, and Bailey, his labradoodle, came in second with a time of 50:00.09.
This year’s race attracted 95 registered runners ranging from ages 8 to 78.
Some 53 runners finished the 5K, 34 completed the 10K and there were 4 walkers. Four registered but did not run.
The youngest runner in the race was Mark Daniels, 8, of Raceland, who placed 18th overall in the 5K with a time of 25:36.4. The oldest runners were 78:
James Barker of Kitts Hill ran the 5K in 32:10.0 and placed 38th overall. J.C. Brown of Flatwoods ran the 10K in 1:00:54.6 and placed 25th overall.
Run By The River is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of East Greenup County, Ky., which meets every Tuesday at noon at Giovanni’s Pizza in Flatwoods.
Proceeds from the race are used for numerous youth projects, including scholarships for Key Club seniors at Russell and Raceland-Worthington High Schools, food baskets at Thanksgiving for at least 50 families, support of Shop With A Cop at Christmas and the Greenup Public Library’s summer reading program for kids and adults.
42nd Annual Run By The River
5K Results
1. Scott Hamm, South Point, 18:09.6 2. Asha Bora, Hurricane, 19:28.5 3. Seth Hamm, South Point, 20:03.8 4. Randall Watts, Garner, 21:01.9 5. Dru Bora, Hurricane, 21:21.2 6. Jeff England, Ashland, 21:34.0 7. Tommy Dalton, Pedro, 22:01.5 8. Kyle Dickess, South Point, 22:02.5 9. Chris Griffith, Ashland, 22:06.2 10. Anthony Fraley, Russell, 22:13.6.
11. Lanny Fraley, Ashland, 22:14.5 12. Ron Simpson, Russell, 23:41.0 13. Tanya Queen, Ashland, 24:30.7 14. Shawn Tolle, Owingsville 25:00.5 15. Bill Dalton, Pedro, 25:31.5 16. Aaron Pridemore, Flatwoods, 25:32.7 17. Brian Thompson, Ashland, 25:32.8 18. Mark Daniels, Raceland, 25:36.4 19. John McGuire, Catlettsburg, 25:40.4, 20. Joshua Hunt, South Point 25:43.0.
21. Nancy Miller, , 26:17.0 22. Daryl Kinch, Lesage, 26:47.0 23. Larry Royster, Ashland, 27:49.1 24. Brad Markins, Ironton, 27:56.3 25. Todd Fox, Huntingto, 27:59.0 26. Stephanie Dickess, South Point 28:28.3 27. Gina Bush, Ashland, 28:55.1 28. Greg Ervin, Jackson, 29:09.3 29. Erin Filatreau,Lexington, 29:43.9 30. Lisa Pridemore, Flatwoods, 29:52.6.
31. Kevin Black, Chesapeake, 29:52.6 32. Jim Cremeans, Ironton, 30:41.6 33. Robin Callihan, Greenup, 31:05.5 34. Sam Robinette, Ashland, 31:14.5 35. Glenda Blevins, South Shore, 31:32.4 36. Russ Sommers, Portsmouth ,31:47.6, 37. Dylan Ball, Greenup, 32:02.3 38. James Barker, Kitts Hill, 32:10.0 39. Amanda Ratcliff, Russell, 32:56.9 40. Jeremy Ratcliff, Russell, 32:58.3
41. Kyle Hankins, Ironton, 33:04.4 42. Kevin Willis, Ironton 33:18.8 43. Kerri Thornburg, Ashland, 33:23.9 44. April Hall, Ashland, 33:49.4 45. Cecelia Gaynor, Ashland, 35:10.8 46. Heather Trimble, Ashland, 35:24.6 47. Linda K. Jenkins, Huntington, 35:45.0 48. Thomas Jordan, Huntington, 39:56.1 49. Karson Tolle, Owingsville 41:27.9 50. Inga Brewster, Orma, 41:48.8.
51. Rose Conley, Greenup 47:44.7 52. Brian Hancock, Ashland, 50:00.9 53. Patrick Gaynor, Ashland, 51:19.4.
Run By The River
10K Results
1. Eddie Neel, Chesapeake 37:03.2 2. Tyler Evans, Portsmouth 40:37.7 3. Neil Johnson, Proctorville, 41:32.7 4. Craig Lands, Lucasville, 42:43.8 5. Nolan Sabotchick, Greenup 43:00.2 6. Tara Schneider, Willow Wood, 45:10.8 7. Greg Lands, Lucasville, 45:34.3 8. Charles May, Huntington, 45:43.0 9. Tim Bailey, Owingsville, 46:14.6 10. Greg McFarlin, Ashland, 46:36.9.
11. Bret Masters, Prichard 46:54.0 12. Elijah Neel, Ashland, 47:13.8 13. David Rann, Ironton, 47:47.1 14. Rocky Lucas, Charleston, 49:13.6 15. Ava Kazee, Ashland, 49:38.6 16. Emily Sizemore, Ashland, 50:14.9 17. Patrick Whitt, Pedro, 51:06.5 18. Tammy Black, Chesapeake 54:15.5 19. Amy Kline, New Plymouth, 54:19.6, 20. Bill Musick, Ashland, 55:06.9.
21. Nick Russell, Grayson 56:28.7 22. Kristy Turley, Greenup, 57:11.1 23. Bryan Ashe, Ashland, 58:59.3 24. Paul Seasor, Ashland, 59:35.2 25. J.C. Brown, Flatwoods, 1:00:53.6 26. Julie Crum, Ashland, 1:01:28.2 27. Leah Wheeler, Ashland, 1:03:29.7 28. Jim Moore, Ashland, 1:10:47.3 29. Michael Thompson, South Point, 1:12:33.7 30. Jd Brewster, Orma 1:14:58.4.
31. Duane Davis, Huntington, 1:25:59.0 32. Alan Osuch, Ashland, 1:27:51.5 33. Stephen Ginsburg, Ironton, 1:30:45.9 34. Jennifer Bayes, Flatwoods, 1:34:36.3.
Run By The River
5K Walk Results
1. Shannon Dalton, Pedro, 43:55.7 2. Frankie Pennington, Ashland, 53:00.0 3. Debbie Pennington, Ashland, 54:04.1 4. Vivian Wheatley, Ashland, 54:04.6.

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