Ironton to flush water system next week

Published 11:28 am Thursday, June 20, 2019

Starting Monday, the City of Ironton will be flushing hydrants and it will continue until Saturday.

“The purpose of the flushing is to provide regular maintenance to the water distribution system,” said Ryan Watts, the superintendent of Ironton Water Treatment Plant.

He said that most of the water mains in the city are made of metal and corrosion occurs over time, which creates a buildup of rust that has to be flushed regularly to minimize discolored water during high usage events.

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“The flushing process will cause a discoloration of your water. Please consider the fact that if you use hot water during the period of discoloration, this water will be introduced to your hot water heater.” Watts said. “It is advised that homeowners take the opportunity to also drain and flush your hot water heater after main flushing has occurred. Water heater manufacturers recommend flushing of their units two times a year.”

Ironton is now on a schedule of flushing two times a year.

“Flushing week may serve as a maintenance reminder for citizens to do what they can to improve water quality as well,” Watts said.

Flushing shall occur daily from the hours of 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. next week and while there may be some discolored water, it will be temporary.

“The goal is to improve water quality, not create an inconvenience for you,” Watts said. “Thank you for understanding this necessary maintenance procedure.”

The schedule for flushing will be done on the following days and locations:


• Ninth Street to the hill side city limits and the south city limits, which will include the Ironton Hills shopping area, Yellow Branch/Deep Cut Road and State Route 141 area.


• Seventh Street from Mill to Kemp and Eighth Street to the hill side city limits, and from Heplar Street to the south city limits.


• Seventh Street from Kemp to south city limits; all of Sixth and Fifth Streets from Elm to Mulberry.


• Fourth Street south end to Storms Creek and Fifth Street from Mulberry to south city limits.


• First, Second, and Third Streets to south city limits


• From Storms Creek to north city limits.