Man indicted for May abduction, assault: Another indicted for importuning, theft

Published 12:10 pm Friday, June 28, 2019

The Lawrence County Grand Jury has handed down indictments for the month of June. One man was charged with abduction and another was charged with importuning a minor.

A Proctorville man was indicted for stealing from his place of employment and for using an electronic device to engage in sexual conduct with teenagers.

James Friedman Jr., 20, 317 Perry St., Proctorville, was indicted on third-degree felony tampering with evidence, fifth-degree felony theft, fifth-degree felony importuning.

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The importuning count states that he knew the victim was a minor who was older than 13, but less than 16 years old, and that the importuning happened between Jan. 1 and May 20.

The theft count states that he took $1,200 worth of E-cigarettes from the convenience store he worked at. The tampering evidence charge states that around May 6, Friedman “knowing that an official proceeding or investigation is in progress, or is about to be or likely to be instituted, did alter or conceal a thing with the purpose to impair its availability as evidence in such a proceeding or investigation.”

James A. Grether, 229 Chestnut St., Ironton, was indicted on six charges including abduction, assault, theft and failure to obey the orders of a police officer.

The charges state that on May 17, Grether had control of a truck and by force or threat, restrained the owner of the truck, operated the truck to elude the police after getting a signal to stop and used a deadly weapon to assault three people. He was indicted on fourth-degree felony theft, third-degree felony abduction, third-degree felony failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer and three counts of second-degree felonious assault.

• Spanish Smith, 28, 122 Private Drive 53, Apt. 5C, Proctorville, who was indicted on 17 drug-related counts in March, was indicted for assaulting a deputy. He was indicted on fourth-degree felony assault and first-degree felonious assault.

Other indictments the Lawrence County Grand Jury handed down for the month of June include:

• Jalen Thomas Goodwin, 505 Adams Ave., Huntington, West Virginia, third-degree felony possession of drugs.

• Andy A. Baise, 2527 County Road 124, Chesapeake, fourth-degree misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, fifth-degree felony possession of heroin.

• Jie K. Highley, 423 Marcia St., Ashland, Kentucky, fifth-degree felony possession of heroin, fifth-degree felony aggravated possession of drugs.

• Christopher A. Craft, 848 Private Drive 7882, Chesapeake, fifth-degree felony aggravated possession of drugs.

• Angela Adkins, 4559 Camp Branch Road, Huntington, West Virginia, fifth-degree felony possession of heroin.

• Bessie Daniels, 501 Pike Street Apt. 3, Coal Grove, fifth-degree felony aggravated possession of drugs.

• Kate M. Newman, 1531 Fourth Ave. Apt. C, Huntington, West Virginia, fifth-degree felony possession of heroin.