Campaign should be factual

Published 9:56 am Friday, July 5, 2019

It may be early in the season, but it is an election year and, with that, rumors are beginning to fly around.

Whether it be on social media or through word of mouth, in many cases, these rumors are simply not true.

Case in point: The village of South Point, which will see elections this fall for council seats and the mayor’s office.

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There has been talk on Facebook that the mayor and council are planning go to a metered water system in the village, something which is demonstrably false.

This has never been advocated at any of the council’s meetings over the past few years, which The Tribune covers each month.

In fact, the mayor and council have vocally opposed the idea, but have warned it is possible that some day, they may be forced by the EPA to do so.

Such a move has not been proposed and, if it was, the current leadership in South Point has made their opposition to it clear.

As is the case in any campaign, there will be disagreements on issues and we welcome any such debate, but we urge all sides to not concoct positions that have not been expressed or advocated for.

And we urge all voters to verify any information they hear that may be alarming to them.

An informed electorate is necessary for a functioning government and we hope all involved will stick to the facts.

As we cover public affairs, we will strive to keep an accurate record and to provide a truthful record to voters this election season.