There when needed

Published 10:27 am Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Last week U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson paid a visit to the office of Necco in Burlington.

The reason for the occasion was to observe and volunteer in the rural food delivery program that is coordinated at the site.

Started under former Gov. John Kasich and continuing under the current governor, Mike DeWine, the program delivers food during the summer months to needy families, who sign up and meet income requirements.

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Johnson, who grew up on a farm, said he was all too aware of what it is like to go without as a child.

And organizers of the program pointed out that many of the children would otherwise be food insecure in the months when school is out.

We commend Necco for working to distribute food in the county and for inviting Johnson to take part in this effort.

And for those in need, we urge them to contact the group and look into the possibility of signing up for the program, which is still open.

There are resources and community programs out there to help and we hope to continue to inform the public of their existence.