Editorial: Derby drivers are true winners

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 12, 2019

This past Saturday, there was an unusual event before the Lawrence County demolition derby.
Local derby drivers revealed a secret — a car they had spent several months working on for Levi Walters. He had been in the derby for the past six years, since before he was legally allowed to drive on the roads. But this year, he wasn’t going to be able to participate in the solo driver demolition derby this weekend because he was battling melanoma cancer.

The other drivers weren’t having that. They got a car from Levi’s dad, Jason, and then spent months getting it ready and keeping it secret from Levi.

Even moments before the demolition derby that Levi was going to participate with his dad and his brother, Ty, the 21-year-old had no idea that the car existed. It was hidden under a tarp.
When it was revealed, the crowds in the grandstand cheered as Levi and his family checked out the red and black Chevy Lumina that bore the words “Cancer Sux.”

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This public display of generosity by the drivers is amazing and the story continues to be shared online, and rightly so.

Too many competitions are about winning… this was about helping out their fellow man.

And to all those who helped with the car, no matter how you place in the derby, you are already a winner.