Situation can be eased

Published 9:13 am Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Last week, it was announced that Central Christian Church would no longer host Christian Day Dare, Inc. as a tenant in their building.

The day care has operated in the church for several decades and has about 80 children enrolled.

The church cited the need to make use of their own facilities and told the day care they would no longer be a tenant as of Aug. 16.

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This gives parents with children enrolled there one month to find alternative arrangements.

This can be a daunting task, as the families we spoke to said they have encountered waiting lists in their searches and feel that they do not have adequate time to check out options.

Couple this with the fact that Aug. 16 is the first day of school in Ironton and it’s going to create a tough situation for many families.

While the church is within its rights to determine the use of its building, it would be ideal if they had given these families, as well as the employees of the day care, more notice about this move.

We urge the church leadership to meet with the families and try to work out a timetable that may be more navigable for all. If all parties sit down and talk this over, then surely a solution can be found that meets everyone’s needs.