August 16th more than just anniversary of Pete Rose’s return to Cincinnati

Published 11:31 pm Wednesday, August 14, 2019

It was “Time To Chat With Tim.”
Sounds like the name of radio or TV talk show, but it was really just myself sitting in the office of Kleinman Brothers Auto Sales shooting the breeze with Tim Kleinman.
The subject of the Cincinnati Reds came up as it often does in this Tri-State area and I mention that Friday was Aug. 16 and it was 35 years ago that Pete Rose managed his first game as player/manager after the Reds brought him back to Cincinnati following a trade with the Montreal Expos — now the Washington Nationals — for infielder Tommy Lawless.
I actually wrote a column on July 31 predicting the Reds would fire Vern Rapp as manager and trade for Rose in order to make him player/manager.
Well, the show’s host, er, Tim, said Aug.16 was his birthday. And because it was his birthday he was able to remember when Elvis Presley died because the King died on Aug. 16.
But the story continued to grow.
Tim said that Aug. 16 was Municipal Judge Kevin Waldo’s birthday and what was even more remarkable was the fact Kevin’s brother Jimmy and sister Sharry (Waldo) Justice were all born on Aug. 16.
Tim — also known as the drummer of the famed local band The Fugitives — said that it was Jim Sites’ birthday as well and Sites in turn said it was also Ray Zornes’ birthday.
Ray is well-known along with his wife Nancy for supplying Rock Hill with basketball players for what seemed to be about 20 years.
Roger Williams is a fixture as an employee at Joe Isaac’s Tri-State Rehab gym. He’s also yet another person who celebrates his birthday on Aug. 16.
And although Sam Heighton of Heigh-ton Productions and Ironton Alive celebrated his birthday on Aug. 13, he and his wife Penny celebrate their wedding anniversary on Aug. 16.
Will the list ever end?
And speaking of birthdays of notables, Dec. 30 rivals Aug. 16 with famous birthdays that include Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Carson Wentz, Sean Hannity, Laila Ali and late Monkees singer Davy Jones.
And let’s add two local names to the list. St. Joseph Lady Flyers’ basketball coach Bart Burcham and Lady Flyers’ assistant volleyball coach and former Rio Grande two-sport standout Rachel Harries have birthdays on Dec. 30.
Rachel belongs on the list because of another reason. You see, she’s one of my four daughters.
It was all very interesting to me. I wonder what Tim’s show will be about next week. Hmmm.
Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.

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