Ironton man dies after fight: Victim stabbed by stepson Wednesday morning

Published 9:21 am Thursday, August 22, 2019

A family is furious after the Wednesday stabbing death of an Ironton man.

The victim, Harold Taylor, 52, was found lying in the street bleeding after getting into a fight with his stepson, James Wilson, around 9:23 a.m. the corner of Ninth and Spruce streets.

Harold Taylor was transported to King’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland, Kentucky, but died of his injuries. His body will be sent to Frankfort, Kentucky for an autopsy, since he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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The victim’s oldest brother, Charles Taylor, said that Harold Taylor “had problems for years” with his stepson and they had arguments before.

“We’re furious because this is the second time this has happened and the police didn’t do anything the first time,” Charles Taylor said, adding his brother was hospitalized after a fight last week when two men had fought last week and Wilson had “stomped” Harold Taylor’s ribs.

“The doctor said that if he had gotten there 15 minutes later, he would have died,” Charles Taylor said. He said that Wilson had a knife in the earlier fight, but another brother intervened.

Charles Taylor said the family is furious that the police did not arrest Wilson last week.

“The first time this happened, (the police officer) just walked off,” he said. “Now, Harold is dead.”

Ironton Police Chief Pam Wagner said investigators have heard about a report being made last week and haven’t yet found that one was made.

“Nobody filed any type of charges and there is no way to substantiate that,” she said.

They checked with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatching, which handles calls for the city as well, about any reports made from Harold Taylor’s address.

“The only records through 911 are a theft report from back in June and some medical calls to EMS,” Wagner said. “So far, we have not located this report they are talking about, the fight call. At this early point in the investigation, that is where we are at.”

Wagner said they want as much evidence as they can get in this case.

The police are seeking information about the whereabouts of Wilson.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Captain Joe Ross at 740-532-5606.