History comes to life

Published 10:17 am Thursday, September 19, 2019

Woodland Cemetery in Ironton contains a wealth of history.

Whether its is the elaborate monuments dating back to the founding of the grounds in the late 1800s or the meticulous records that have been carefully kept by staff there for generations, the connections to the region’s past are endless.

And among the burials at Woodland are many notable individuals from all walks of life, whose accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the living.

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There is Col. Bill Lambert, the World War I fighting ace, one of the most celebrated pilots of all time, who lived here in the city until his death in 1982.

While Nannie Kelly Wright was the only female ironmaster in America. Her wealth was so great, it is said during her life that she was second in financial riches only to the United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria.

Magellan Hairston is buried in the cemetery. He was the coach of the Waterloo Wonders basketball team, whose feats are the stuff of local legend.

They are just a sampling of those who will be featured in the annual historical walk at the cemetery on Sept. 28, organized by the Lawrence County Museum.

Community volunteers, in costume, will portray 20 figures buried on the grounds.

This year’s tour will have a new audition — acclaimed author and illustrator Edward Gorey. It was recently revealed that ashes of the artist were quietly interred in his family’s ancestral plot after his death in 2000.

We encourage everyone to consider stopping by this year.

Not only is it a chance to learn about the region’s past, but it is a chance to meet those doing great things in Ironton now.