Redmen, Redwomen win OVC cross country championships

Published 9:55 pm Saturday, October 12, 2019

Jim Walker

PEDRO — The Rock Hill Redmen had been there before while the Rock Hill Redwomen were in a new land.
As it turned out, both teams liked settling in the same territory.
The Redmen won their fifth straight Ohio Valley Conference cross country championship on Saturday in easy fashion.
While the title was old hat for the boys, the Rock Hill girls captured their first-ever OVC cross country championship.
Rock Hill had just 22 points while runner-up Fairland had 71 points in the boys’ meet. Coal Grove was a close third with 75 points, Gallipolis had 84 points and Portsmouth 122.
Fairland’s Ethan Lafon was the individual champion as he ran the 5K race with a 17:53.18 time.
Rock Hill followed by taking the next three spots as Eli Baker ran an 18:05.25, Jasson Aguilera 18:30.97 and Noah Wood 18:51.75.
After Coal Grove’s Elijah Dillon had an 18:52.24 time, the Redmen took the next two places as Sam Simpson ran a 19:05.69 and Brady Floyd 19:37.69.
The Redwomen had only 36 points to edge the Coal Grove Lady Hornets who had 44 points in the girls’ meet.
Fairland was next at 69, Ironton had 91 and Gallipolis 100 points.
Rock Hill’s Camryn Miller was the overall winner to spark the team victory. Miller posted a 22:29.78 time to finish just ahead of Coal Grove’s Elli Holmes who was 30 seconds behind at 22:59.47.
The Redwomen had the next two spots as Bella Stevens ran a 23:29.56 and Brianna Reynolds 23:36.66. Coal Grove followed with the next two places as Sarah Cecil ran a 23:46.22 and Kylee Thomas 23:58.06.
Fairland’s Emma Marshall ran a 24:11.29 to take seventh and Ironton’s Elli Williams was eighth with a 24:15.84 clocking.
In the middle school league meets, the Rock Hill boys won a third straight title as Dylan Griffith led the way with a second-place individual finish.
Portsmouth’s Charles Putnam was first at 12:25.88
Rock Hill had 24 points, Fairland 37 and Gallipolis 68.
Gallipolis claimed the girls league title with 18 points and Rock Hill had 38.
Coal Grove’s Laura Hamm was the top individual at 14:40.12.
Ohio Valley Conference
Cross Country Championship
Boys’ Meet Team Results
Rock Hill 22, Fairland 71, Coal Grove 75, Gallipolis 84, Portsmouth 122.
Individual Results
Ethan Lafon, Fairland 17:53.18
Eli Baker, Rock Hill 18:05.25
Jasson Aguilera, Rock Hill 18:30.97
Noah Wood, Rock Hill 18:51.75
Elijah Dillon, Coal Grove 18:52.24
Sam Simpson, Rock Hill 19:05.69
Brady Floyd, Rock Hill 19:37.69
Nick Blankenship, Rock Hill 19:41.91
Jeffery Sparks, Coal Grove 19:48.06
Todd Elliot, Gallipolis 20:04.28
Ben Mattan, Fairland 21:25.75
Xander Young, Portsmouth 21:32.94
Blake Waller, Rock Hill 21:37.84
Jason Johnson, Rock Hill 21:48.06
Walker Pannell, Fairland 22:39.28
Clayton Watts, Fairland 22:54.66
Andy Schoener, Ironton 22:59.03
Tristan Crisenberry, Gallipolis 23:16.09
Ethan Lawler, Gallipolis 23:18.62
Jayce Edwards, Coal Grove 23:25.53
Tyler Nutter, Coal Grove 23:27.00
Ethan Saunders, Gallipolis 23:33.53
Trinton Eggers, Gallipolis 23:44.28
Gabe Russell, Gallipolis 23:45.06
Garytt Schwall, Gallipolis 23:49.44
Harm Brammer, Coal Grove 24:01.00
Logan Nicholas, Gallipolis 24:06.69
Luke Ferguson, Coal Grove 24:39.06
Grant Smith, Gallipolis 25:25.41
Dorian Frye, Portsmouth 26:33.50
Conner Emnett, Portsmouth 27:07.62
Bradley Liddle, Portsmouth 29:40.62
Aiden White, Ironton 33.17.09
Elijah Carver, Portsmouth 33:23.88
Bryson Denney, Fairland 38:53.18

Girls’ Meet Team Results
Rock Hill 36, Coal Grove 44, Fairland 69, Ironton 91, Gallipolis 100.
Individual Results
Camryn Miller, Rock Hill 22:29.78
Elli Holmes, Coal Grove 22:59.47
Bella Stevens, Rock Hill 23:29.56
Brianna Reynolds, Rock Hill 23:36.66
Sarah Cecil, Coal Grove 23:46.22
Kylee Thomas, Coal Grove 23:58.06
Emma Marshall, Fairland 24:11.28
Elli Williams, Ironton 24:15.84
Olivia Lewis, Fairland 24:42.15
Abbey Hicks, Coal Grove 24:53.78
Emily Carrico, Fairland 25:05.38
Ellen Heaberlin, Rock Hill 25:51.00
Molly Rust, Ironton 26:00.18
Ashlie Howard, Rock Hill 26:34.47
Tru Pancake, Rock Hill 27:05.25
Callie Thacker, Ironton 27:48.47
Isabella Dudley, Fairland 28:05.00
Kristen Jamora, Gallipolis 28:07.75
Brooke Hamilton, Gallipolis 28:17.66
Lauren Holliday, Coal Grove 28:37.31
Taylor Facemire, Gallipolis 28:58.81
Marissa Wolfe, South Point 29:42.15
Lilly Zornes, Ironton 29:47.25
Abbe Kiritsy, Fairland 29:59.53
Sara-Kate Lewis, Fairland 30:47.06
Kate Fleming, Fairland 30:53.22
Eliza Davies, Gallipolis 31.46.22
Calista Barnes, Gallipolis 32:26.88
Hannah Shavers, Ironton 32:57.84
Chloe Roges, Gallipolis 34:09.15
Abby Harvey, Gallipolis 35:18.31
Abigail Patterson, Ironton 35:46.69
Madisyn Connelley, Gallipolis 36:22.22

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